Hospital Consulting

Medical material cost, outsorcing cost reduction consulting

Support cost cut profit improvement of medical institutions with contingency fee system by know-how and experience of management staff in a medical equipment dealer.

Medical material cost saving

Review items and switch the use of material whose unit price is low but used amount is large and specific insurance medical material of high unit price, so as to work on item introduction for having economical prices.

Outsourcing costs saving

Propose review of contract that leads to adequacy of outsourcing cost including examination and sterilization. Outsourcing costs saving

ASEAN Overseas Business

Support for medical institutes’ overseas operations in ASEAN countries

Crest Partners Co., Ltd. as a consulting company for overseas strategy in the medical industry, supports overseas strategies and overseas advance of medical institutions utilizing knowledge and practical know-how overseas strategy we have fostered.

  • Consulting for opening hospitals in ASEAN countries
  • Support for partner hospital contract with medical institutions in
    ASEAN countries
  • Public Relations of Japanese medical institutions in ASEAN countries
  • Consulting for overseas development of Japanese medical institution
  • Coordinating of volunteer medical treatment by Japanese medical
  • Medical technology improvement program for doctors in medical
    developing countries
  • Introduction of doctors who request training by doctor training system
Overseas partner company
  • Thailand,Cambodia,Singapore and more
Overseas cooperation,
(hospital, group)
  • Bumrungrad International Hospital (Thailand)
  • Bangkok National Hospital (Thailand)
  • Phnom Penh Medical Association (Cambodia)
  • Bangkok Hospital
  • Phnom Penh Clinic (Cambodia)
  • Mariss Dental Clinic (Cambodia)
  • Cambodian Japanese Embassy
Support for medical institutes’ overseas operations in ASEAN countries