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Greeting from the representative

I am Masaki Itabashi who has assumed Representative Director on August 1, 2013.

Our "Crest Partners Co., Ltd. " is a PR company specialized in medical care which has been established with a strong wish to aim at the top with our clients and support medical management.

We believe that existence of medical institutions in local regions and to cotinue offering high quality health care service is the best contribution to the society.

Why are PR of medical institutions are required today?

A recent research has revealed that patients have "wish to receive service in a good medical institution" and "wish to consult good doctors" .

Isn't a medical institution providing much information to patients Public Relations suited for modern needs?The age of "just waiting for patienst" ended.

We support stable management of clients with our professional skill of the PR company specialized in medical care, and wish to help them so that they keep existing in their regions and offering medical service.

We, Crest Partners Co., Ltd., think and take actions by ourselves without being held to the existing framework, and aiming at constructing organizations where we grow up together with the clients so as to contribute to the society.

We will appreciate your further help and encouragement.

Chief Executive Officer Masaki Itabashi Crest Partners Co., Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Masaki Itabashi

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Crest Partners Co., Ltd.
Place of
ZIP 064-0806 Nishi 18-chome1-3, Minami 6-jo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi,
August, 1 2013
5,000,000 yen
Chief Executive
Masaki ItabashiMasaki Itabashi Profile

■Medical promotion division

  • Brand marketing
  • Consulting for increasing patients
  • Web site consulting
  • TV CM, promothion video making
  • Doctor production business

■Production of The Doctors

■Hospital consulting division

  • Hospital management consulting
  • Support for overseas development program by medical institution
  • Support for doctors' career change
  • Service training for staff members
  • Medical device distribution